Hi, my name

is Savannah,


In May 2017, twelve-year-old Savannah

attempted to come out as a lesbian to her church congregation.

She was silenced

Hi, my name is Savannah, is a virtual reality reimagining of this moment, in which she is given the space to speak her truth. 





                       Director     Carol Dalrymple

               Producer     Marissa Lila

Director of Photography     Dane Christensen

                     Gaffer/Key Grip     Holly Tuckett

Stitching/Compositing Artist    Susan Weeks


                                Music by Nami Melumad

                                         An Edge of Discovery Production



“I want to share my testimony with you.”


On a Sunday in May, 2017, at a Church of Latter Day Saints in a small town in Utah, twelve year old Savannah began her testimony with these words. She had planned an offering of inclusive, joyful honesty to her congregation. Her intent was to come out as a lesbian, and share that - despite the LDS's Church’s official position concerning the LGBTQ community - she felt loved by God, unashamed, and confident in her dreams to one day have a partner and family like so many others in the room.


On that Sunday, she was not permitted to finish her testimony. Three quarters of the way through her story, her microphone was abruptly cut off and she was told by a church authority to stop talking, and sit down.


Archival video of that moment went viral.

Hi, my name is Savannah, is that morning reimagined, innovatively recreated fusing past and present using virtual reality filmmaking, rewriting the moment such that Savannah is given the space to finish her testimony. 


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